I have had the blessed opportunity to serve as the Baptist Student Ministry Director at Navarro College in Corsicana since October 2013. My heart is for the students at Navarro College and to see them become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. I also want to remind the Corsicana community of the importance of BSM ministry and revitalize the Passion for Jesus Christ among college students, and watch revival begin right here in Corsicana, and watch eternity be forever impacted. 

Janice Crumpton


Momma Janice has served at the BSM for the past 11 years. She has served alongside 5 directors and poured her life into the lives of so many college students who still come by to visit on a regular basis. Janice is the first smiling face you see when you enter the BSM and  she will be the voice you hear on the other end of the line when you call. There is so much more to say about Janice, but if we took the time to do so there wouldn't be enough room on this page!



Clyde is the "face of the BSM" and our mascot! I don't say that in a joking way, but every team has a face that people automatically connect to and that's Clyde. To give Clyde one title would be an insult to him, because he truly pours his heart into the BSM and it is shown every week in the cleanliness of the building, all of my random projects that i spring on him that are completed, and a whole list of things that he does, just because he has a servants heart. 

2016-2017 Lead Team

The Lead Team is vital to the weekly ministry at the BSM and although an entire Bio could be written for each of these students and their individual ministries, I would just encourage you to come by and meet each of them;  William Pugh, Brandan Carpenter, Kyle Tollett, Katy Andrews, Melanie Torres, and Ashley Spence